Lale, Eight Lithography Prints with photo collage hand applied, Edition of V, 2013

A series of lithography prints of scarves that range from high end fashion brand to the traditional folk scarf with collages of tulip photographs. Each scarf represents the first females elected into the Turkish parliament. Each print is styled after an Ottoman Miniature.

“Lale Devri” the Orient orienting itself towards Europe. A single flower is a social standing-myth is sustained the pendulum sways with wealth on one side and fragility on the other.

The new Republic reforms women’s rights. Eighteen women are elected from different regions in Turkey as representatives for the Members of Parliament. eight of the eighteen are represented here by birth place and name translated into Arabic:

Afyon. Mebrure Gonenc
Ankara. Hati Cirpan
Antalya. Turkan Ors Bastug
Balikesir. Sabiha Gokcul Erbay
Bursa. Sekiba Inset
Cankiri. Hatice Ozgener
Diyarbakir. Huriye Oniz Baha
Edirne. Fatma Memik
Erzurum. Nikiye Elgum
Kayseri. Ferruh Gupgup